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"An experience that exceeded all my expectations"

"My trip to Cuba was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. It was a long time coming. It answered questions I did not even knew I had. I cried. I laughed. I prayed. But, what I felt the most was the love we Cubans have for each other. They understand our pain and we understand their suffering. I found a City of ghostly buildings denied the dignity of their appearance and ghostly figures living in them denied the identity of their times; forced to live in the crumbling edifices of a time long gone. I also found hope, hard work and tremendous perseverance among many, mostly idealistic young entrepreneurs and would be business owners with a lot of questions for people like us."

"Maidel was a wonderful guide. He is also a beautiful person and human being. He is one of the young hopefuls that will revolutionize the Cuban economy and show by example to other young dreamers that it is possible to improve the quality of their lives. We quickly became not just friends, bur brothers as well. Thank you for recommending him." - Mario Cartaya

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