• Cuba. Authentically.

    We curate excursions for travelers who want to explore the authentic, complicated, and beautiful side of the island.

  • Why Discover Cuba?

    Experience an island undergoing a total reawakening through Discover Cuba, custom tailored trips that immerse travelers in local culture and off-the-beaten path experiences. Through Discover Cuba, you can explore Cuba's vibrant culture and 500-year-old heritage, connect with locals, and empower communities shaping the island's future.


    Go beyond the stereotypes

    Modern Cuban culture is marked by resourcefulness and ingenuity, joyfulness and resilience. Locals are eager to share their personal experiences, and exchange snapshots of daily life with visitors living outside the island.

    Immerse Yourself

    Meaningfully engage locals

    With visits to historical landmarks, artist and filmmaker studios, and local hangout spots, along with presentations by local scholars, you'll discover Cuba's rich cultural fabric and be at the center of island life.


    Build a better Cuba

    By supporting privately owned businesses and understanding Cuban culture and daily life, you can play an important role in empowering the innovators who are building a better Cuba.

  • MyRoots | MisRaices

    Helping people trace their heritage and reconnect with their families.


    MyRoots is a reunification program supporting young Cuban-Americans seeking to reconnect with their heritage and families on the island by reducing the logistical and financial barriers of traveling to Cuba. If you are a Cuban-American aspiring to travel to the island for the first time, we invite you to learn more and apply.

  • Signature Trips

    Every traveler craves a unique experience. Whether you want to indulge your inner foodie, explore Cuba's vibrant cultural community, or engage with Cuba's uniquely complex history, Discover Cuba signature tours will immerse you in Cuban heritage and daily life.​

    Discover Your Roots

    For many Cuban-Americans, the idea of Cuba was merely that – a place that defined your identity, but existed only in your imagination. Visiting the island can awaken a sense of belonging and shape bonds with fellow Cubans who understand your unique cultural experience. Discover Cuba assists travelers with heritage tracing, creating trips that allow you to explore your roots by uncovering family history.​

    Discover Cuba Travel Guide

    With limited internet connectivity available on the island, it's difficult to track down restaurants, cultural landmarks, and points of interest in Cuba. Our Discover Cuba Travel Guide is an insider's guide to exploring Cuba, complete with recommendations, maps, and suggestions to enjoy a meaningful experience on the island.

  • What They're Saying

    Testimonials from those who have discovered Cuba

    Discover Cuba invites all young Cuban-Americans to apply to its annual Mis Raices trip to the island. In 2017, we traveled to the island with a group of Cuban-Americans looking to connect with their heritage and engage with the Cuba of today, a beautifully complicated country undergoing a total...
    "My trip to Cuba was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. It was a long time coming. It answered questions I did not even knew I had. I cried. I laughed. I prayed. But, what I felt the most was the love we Cubans have for each other. They understand our pain and we understand their...
    "I think I speak for the whole group when I say that we had a great time. The trip was perfect in every way and we owe it to you [Discover Cuba] for having made it happen. Maidel was an awesome driver. He is now family and I will recommend him and you [Discover Cuba] to anyone that wants to...
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